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Hohman Plating Licenses Two NASA Glenn Technologies

NASA’s Glenn Research Center (GRC) has signed a nonexclusive licensing agreement with Dayton-based Hohman Plating to commercialize a suite of two GRC-patented, high-temperature lubricants.

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Hohman specializes in the application of metallic coatings, particularly ones that involve difficult-to-coat parts or unusual processes. The company’s reach is considerable, as it is in the top five percent of all metal finishers in the country in terms of physical-plant size, number of employees, and sales.

Hohman licensed two NASA technologies: PS300 (a self-lubricating, high-temperature coating material that keeps parts virtually maintenance-free) and PS400 (a solid lubricant coating that maintains performance at continuous duty and is suitable for highly dynamic or extremely high-temperature applications). This agreement makes Hohman the only source for the plasma-spray application of these two patented lubricants.

Hohman’s customers can use these coatings in rotating and mechanical wear applications such as bearings and turbo machinery, and exhaust components such as recirculating valves, high-temperature ducting, and piping joints. With its connections to multiple industries, Hohman is poised to help NASA disseminate these technologies as widely as possible.

If you want to learn more about licensing, or if you’re working on a technology with potential applications beyond a NASA mission, please contact Amy Hiltabidel (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).