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about image1Hohman Plating was established in 1918; we are a service company that has over 102 years of experience in the metal finishing and coatings industry.  Our reputation for quality, delivery, workmanship, diversity in processes offered, and the ability to meet some of the most difficult geometry’s and specifications has enabled us to serve a broad base of industries including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, construction, nuclear, defense, electronics, energy, food, medical as well as various others.  We are very fortunate that not any one of our customers is responsible for more than 10% or our annual revenue.

Over the past four years we have seen growth from many markets served with the aerospace industry leading the charge.  Currently the aerospace market represents 60% to 65% of our annual sales volumes.  We continue investing in our people the existing buildings as well as the surrounding areas in preparation for an expansion that will be kicking off in 2020.  It is a very exciting time at Hohman Plating and the future is looking very bright!

Our Mission: Hohman Plating and Mfg. provides metal finishing and coating services to a worldwide market using engineering expertise and innovative technology applications.  We will meet or exceed our customer expectations while focusing on continuous improvement in all areas of our business.

Our VisionHohman Plating will maintain a diversified customer base in multiple markets by offering a stable source of metal finishing options. We will produce growth in long-term profit and return on investment to assure flexibility and economic strength for our stakeholders.